Ethiopia’s manufactured goods exports generated 500 million USD in the fiscal year recently concluded.

This was discussed during a meeting between the Ethiopian Manufacturing Industries Association and Industry Minister Melaku Alebel to identify solutions to the sector’s challenges, according to ENA.

During the time period, Ethiopia gained half a million dollars through the export of various produced commodities, according to the ministry. He stated that the revenue was up by $100 million USD from the previous year.

He emphasized that efforts had been made to fix the issues, despite the fact that he acknowledged that there were bottlenecks in the business. The fact that Melaku indicated that the new policy has been finalized implies that the majority of the issues are related to the policy framework. The 10-year plan also emphasizes opportunities for industrial goods export.

The minister continued by pushing private firms to actively participate in the endeavor to remove barriers, stating that the government cannot accomplish so alone.

The issues facing the sector, according to association representatives, include a lack of raw materials, foreign currency, experienced staff, service delivery, and infrastructure, particularly the availability of power and emphasized that they are unable to function to their full ability as a result of these issues.



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