Electric energy vehicles as part of green energy development are now in the market, according to Greentech Ethiopia. Greentech has issued a statement on the supply of solar and electric vehicles to Ethiopia, stating that it is focusing on renewable energy technology, especially solar and electric technology.

The company has introduced solar and electric vehicles that are part of the environment-friendly and green energy development. The vehicles cover a wide range of activities in the green energy sector, including international minibuses and long-distance buses. It is said that the vehicles will travel at a distance of 320 km at full time, and 40 to 60 proprietary shares will be transferred to drivers in conjunction with Green Transport.

“They use renewable energy to significantly reduce the cost of spare parts and maintenance,” said Tewodros Tadesse, head of the organization’s communication bureau. He said it will contribute by reducing the foreign exchange used for fuel and spare parts by one third. Greentech Ethiopia will soon supply about 5,000 solar and electric vehicles, the statement said.


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