At the Ethiopian Parliament, where the Ministry of Agriculture presented its report to the standing committee on agriculture, State Minister Sofia Kassa (PhD), who is in charge of agricultural investment and inputs, stated that after securing one billion US dollars from the government, the Ministry purchased 12.8 million quintals of fertilizers.

She revealed that 4.95 million quintals have been distributed to farmers, 3.5 million quintals have been allocated to regions, and the remaining 4.3 million quintals have landed at Djibouti Port.

Ethiopia has managed to produce 16 million quintals of wheat utilizing irrigation on 405,000 hectares of land, according to the discussion.the Ministry also mentioned, Ethiopia has managed to export 170 tons of avocado this year, despite a target of 200 tons.

According to information gathered from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ethiopia’s state agency, the Agriculture Works Corporation, is now engaged in the distribution of imported fertilizers to farmers unions and the private sector.


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