Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (April 2022) – Ethiopia launched the second-round polio campaign on April 15, 2022, with type 2 new oral polio vaccine (nOPV2), with the goal of protecting over 16 million under-five children from disability and death as a result of the country’s ongoing polio outbreak.

WHO disclosed The campaign will take place in all areas from 15 to 18 April, with the exception of Addis Ababa, Afar, and Tigray, where it will take place at a later date.

According to the polio global eradication initiative nOPV2 is a modified version of mOPV2 that has been in development for nearly a decade. Clinical trials have shown that nOPV2 is more genetically stable than mOPV2, making it significantly less likely to revert into a form that can cause paralysis in low immunity settings.

Mr Aschalew Abayneh, Deputy Director of the Ethiopian Institute of Public Health disclosed Sixteen million seven hundred and forty-eight thousand (16,748,200) children under the age of five were Vaccinated in all regions and city administrations for 4 consecutive days from October 12 to 15 in 2014 EC according to Ethiopian Institute of Public Health Facebook post.


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