According to the Ethiopian Customs Commission, contraband products worth more than 82.7 million birr have been seized at Customs branches across Ethiopia in the last week.

According to the report, most of the products were captured during attempts to smuggle them into the country. Their worth was judged to be 76.53 million birr by the commission. Customs agents also stopped over 6.2-million-birr worth of goods from leaving the country without permission. The Moyale, Dire Dawa, and Jigjiga branches of the commission were able to seize the most. Customs officers stated the three stopped illegal sales totaling 22.6 million birr, 21.9 million birr, and 8.2 million birr, respectively.

During a week-long operation, clothes, electronics, gasoline, coffee, medicine, narcotic narcotics, cars, construction materials, firearms, khat, and foreign currency were among the items seized. During the week, the commission’s officials stated, a combined effort involving customs agents, regional and federal police, as well as public support, played a major role in the fight against illegal trade.


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