Ethiopia plans to increase the length of its express highways from 301 km to 1,600 km during the next ten years, according to the Ethiopian Road Fund, as stated by ENA.

Sadiya Beshir, Head of the Road Infrastructure Planning Team at the Ethiopian Road Fund, stated that Ethiopia has been introducing such new roads in several parts of the country.

The Addis Ababa – Adama, Modjo – Hawassa, and Dere Dawa – Dewele expressways are among those built in the country thus far.

She stated that the overall length of Ethiopia’s expressways had reached 301 kilometers.

She claimed that the Ethiopian government plans to raise the overall length of the country’s express routes to 1,600 kilometers over the next ten years in order to accelerate the country’s economic and social development while also boosting regional integration.

The initiative stems from Ethiopia’s big vision for 2030, which aims to make the country one of Africa’s icons of prosperity, according to Sadiya.

According to her, express highways would play critical roles in promoting trade and economic cooperation with neighboring countries.

On the other hand, the team leader stated that attempts are being made to improve economic integration with neighboring nations through the construction of linking road networks.

“In that regard, we plan to construct additional road infrastructure to connect the country with Djibouti, Eritrea, and Sudan,” she said.

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