Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (07 Jun 2022)-According to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Water and Energy, the World Bank has given the country 210 million dollars to help enhance its groundwater resources. The money will be utilized to develop groundwater resources in low-lying and arid climatic areas with limited access to groundwater in the country.

The funds will be used to carry out projects aimed at improving drinking water, sanitation, and irrigation systems through the development of groundwater resources. In collaboration with the Ministry of Irrigation and Lowland Development, the Ministry of Water and Energy will implement the project over the next five years.

Officials and specialists from the Ministry of Water and Energy met with a World Bank delegation to discuss the proposed project. The grant will be executed after it is signed with the Ministry of Finance and passed by the House of Peoples’ Representatives, according to the event.

The grant is part of a World Bank project aimed at boosting groundwater in East African countries with arid climates and significant groundwater resources.


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