Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (25 March 2023)

The Ethiopian Meat Exporters Association has declared its intention to amass $6 million USD in revenue from exporting meat to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia during the Islamic month of fasting. In order to accomplish this goal, the association has taken into account the capability of abattoirs, the availability of livestock, and transportation logistics..

According to the Ethiopian Herald, the demand for meat during Ramadan has significantly increased, and Ethiopia plans to exploit this opportunity by increasing its market share in the UAE and Saudi Arabian markets. Ethiopian Airlines and Fly Emirates have agreed to arrange additional flights and give priority to fresh meat exports. Tangible actions are also underway to amplify Ethiopia’s competitiveness in the meat market of the Middle East. Measures are being taken to facilitate abattoirs in meeting international benchmarks and enhancing their dependability as export abattoirs among meat-importing nations.

The Secretary-General of the Association has called for consolidated efforts to maintain uninterrupted cattle supply throughout the month. The focus is on meeting quality standards and providing organic and halal products to enable Ethiopia to have a reliable market and enhance its benefits from the sector.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald


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