Ethiopia is undergoing extensive efforts to become a destination for international investment, says FBC news agency. In Dubai, a panel discussion was conducted to inform foreign investors about Ethiopia’s investment, trade, and tourist potential and experiences.

Ministers of trade, tourism, culture, sports, and industry, as well as ambassadors, government officials, and officials from the United Arab Emirates, attended the event.

At the same time, investors from all over the world, as well as Ethiopian firms and international investors, took part. The investors also paid a visit to Ethiopia’s Dubai Expo 2020 and indicated an interest in investing in the country further.

Ethiopian officials briefed on the massive preparations done so far in accordance with the government’s policies and strategies in order to attract more international investors and build a favorable business climate in the country.

The audience was briefed on the country’s investment activities in terms of policy, strategy, and infrastructure readiness, as well as the local economy’s ambitions and future plans, at the conference. Foreign investors who have made investments in the country’s various sectors have shared their experiences.

Source: FBC, March 1, 2022

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