About Yegara

Yegara is a portal with a mission to provide ecosystem focused, and innovative financing service through motivated team and state of the art technology.

In Ethiopia, the labor market has heavily relied on the government expenditure and wage employment. Consequently, identifying and co-implementing alternative, innovative, financing mechanisms is one of the ways the FDRE Jobs Creation Commission is employing efforts in order to support the private sector development.

Few of the innovative financing mechanisms to the labor market include increasing awareness and promotion of angel investment, creating a conducive enabling environment for crowdsourcing companies, and developing model of the public guarantee scheme for the Ethiopian context.

Through its efforts to mobilize resources for entrepreneurs and startups, this portal aims to address the hurdles an entrepreneur faces in Ethiopia for secure finance, challenges of finding good deal flows for investors and inspires the public to donate for startup projects that are solving social problems.


About IMakers

iMakers Initiative aka iMaker is engaged in designing and developing hardware and software, implementing tech competitions, organizing free seminars and training courses, and linking African talents with the global market. It works in collaboration with 36 Ethiopian, 1 Ghanaian, 2 Nigerian and 2 Kenyan universities. iMakers currently, enjoys the largest tech community network in Africa. iMaker, focusing on AI and Robotics, works on designing, establishing, and running cutting-edge Makerspaces in each of its partner universities’ campus.



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