The purchase of 4 million quintals of wheat and 12.5 million liters of cooking oil has helped with inflation and stabilized market prices, according to the Ministry of Finance.

4 million quintals of wheat were procured last October and November, of which about a million quintals of wheat have already been imported, and the remaining will be transported as soon as possible. Meanwhile, 12.5 million liters of cooking oil have been procured and are in the process of being imported. In connection with this, it is said that the importation of edible oil and wheat by Franco Valuta (importers with their foreign exchange) has helped keep commodity prices stable.

As a result, inflation fell from 34.2% in October 2021 to 33.0% in November. The November 2021 monthly food inflation fell by 1.8% compared to October 2021, while non-food inflation rose 1.0% during the same period.


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