At the Africa Accelerating Conference 2022 organized by the Canada-Africa Chamber of Business and opened by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ethiopian Airlines, sole airline sponsor and partner of the institution, was praised for its crucial role in bringing Canadian and African markets closer together.

The 3-day event was held between 25-27 October 2022 under the theme ‘Leading from Africa: Toward a New Global Era Enabled through Canada-Africa Collaboration’, something the president of the Chamber deemed is the day-to-day operating principle of Ethiopian Airlines, given its central role in Canada-Africa trade and investment. The Airline also served as a Diamond Sponsor to this year’s edition.

Ethiopian Airlines is now the world’s fourth largest airline by number of countries served. From its hub at Addis Ababa, it caters to more than 127 international destinations and 22 domestic destinations.

Source: Ethiopian Airlines, African Business


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