Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest aviation center, generated $5 billion in revenue in the fiscal year just ended, exceeding its planned income by 8%. In comparison to last year’s performance, the company has grown by 44%.

To achieve this level, the airline’s CEO, Mesfin Tassew, reportedly stated that the company increased the number of cargo planes to 38 during its peak days, but has now returned 13 of them as the freight market has cooled and passenger operations have increased.

As of now, Ethiopian Airlines has 138 operational planes, and has ordered 36 more. The firm plans to receive 13 (all Boeing 737 Max) out of the 36 in the 2015 E.C. fiscal year that began on July 8, 2022. Three of these have already been imported last month, with the rest scheduled to follow soon enough. In addition that two AirBus 350 planes will join the Airline’s assets as well.


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