Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority announced that it has secured 91.46 million USD exporting 23,694.18 tons of coffee, tea, and spices though it planned to generate 71.74 million USD from exporting 22,444.06 tones last month.

Authority Public Relation and Communication Director Shalemariam Gebremedhin said that the performance has shown a big progress and export has hit high records compared to the past similar period.

Over the past four months export performance including October, the Authority has succeeded 450 million USD exporting 112,614.84 tons of coffee, tea, and spices. The performance is higher than the past similar period when 40,814.28 tone (56.84) percent in terms of additional amount and 188.91 million USD (80.02 per cent) in terms of additional revenue generated.

According to Sahlemariam, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Belgium are the three top Ethiopian coffee destination countries respectively. In this regard, Germany has shared 27,874.10 tones and generated 90.85 million USD, Saudi Arabia has shared 15,928.77 tones and helped Ethiopia secure 53.4 million USD and Belgium shared 11,023.14 tones and 46.43 million USD is generated over the last four months.

The remaining once the U.S. Japan, South Korea, Italy, China, France, and Taiwan ranked four up to ten in terms of being Ethiopia’s coffee destination in their respective orders. Those destination areas share 83 percent in terms of amount and 82 percent in terms of revenue generated to Ethiopia. All ten Ethiopia’s coffee destination areas have shared 77 percent in amount and 94 percent in terms of additional revenue compared with that of the past similar period.

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