Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia Plc and Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) inked a five-year lease agreement on March 10, 2022, to share dark fiber-optic.

For telecom service providers or other organizations involved in the transmission of one or more forms of voice, data, video, text, messaging, conferencing, and telemetering, optical ground wire is one of the most reliable fiber optic mediums, reads the press release. EPP had set aside some of the optic-fibers for lease because it only uses a few of the main cables.

Based on the agreement Safaricom Ethiopia will lease the OPGW installed on EEP’s high voltage transmission that will be used as part of Safaricom’s network to provide national telecommunications services. The first phase of the agreement includes Safaricom Ethiopia leasing 4000+ kilometres OPGW, with the option of the parties to agree further phases.

Anwar Soussa, Safaricom Ethiopia’s Chief Executive Officer hailed the spirit of cooperation from EEP towards a win-win partnership and underscored the importance of this agreement. He further indicated, “such infrastructure sharing agreements will enable us to fulfill our commitment to transform Ethiopian lives for a digital future and contributes to efforts being made to the phased operation launch.’’

Asheber Balcha, Ethiopia Electric Power Chief Executive Officer, said, “Safaricom Ethiopia has come to the market using the opportunity the government of Ethiopia has put forth to liberalize the telecom sector. This first of its kind collaboration will see not only power but telecommunications reach Ethiopians in all corners of the country. The agreement we sign today to share our OPGW infrastructure will enable Ethiopian Electric Power to utilize its resources and increase its revenue, while enabling Safaricom Ethiopia to provide quality and competitive telecommunication services.”

Source: Safaricom Ethiopia Press Release

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