Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (25 February 2023)

Ethiopian Investment Holdings (EIH) recently held performance dialogue sessions with two of its enterprises in the hospitality and tourism sector. Ethiopian Spa Service Enterprise exceeded its revenue target for the first half of EFY 2015, achieving an impressive 102% of the target.

The enterprise also achieved 79% of the revenue target for recently launched services. To maintain its positive momentum, the enterprise plans to revise its business strategy and objectives to remain highly competitive in the industry. The implementation of digital technology to improve internal business processes is also a key priority.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian Tourist Trading Enterprise (ETTE) reported achieving 98% of the target for foreign currency yield from duty-free sales and 99.1% of the target revenue for the performance period, surpassing expectations in duty-paid sales. To build on its success and better position itself in the private sector competition, ETTE plans to diversify its service offerings and implement strategic and operational interventions.

These performance dialogues underscore the importance of innovation and continuous improvement in the highly competitive hospitality and tourism industry.

Source: EIH


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