It is recalled that, during its 3rd regular session on 29 December 2021, the Council of Ministers deliberated on draft law introduced to regulate objectives and mission of Ethiopian Investment Holdings and later-on approved the establishment of Ethiopian Investment Holdings (EIH).

The Ethiopia Investment Holdings is said to established with the authorized capital of Birr One Hundred Billion of which Birr Twenty- Five Billion is paid up in cash and in kind.

According to the Regulation, the objectives of Ethiopian Investment Holdings are to:

1) Serve as a strategic investment arm of the government of Ethiopia;

2) Contribute to sustainable economic development, through professional management of its funds and assets achieving the optimal use thereof in accordance with international best practice and corporate governance principles, and to maximize the value for the benefit of current and future generations;

3) Provide a strategic vehicle to attract foreign investment by, among others, establishing a co-investment platform, consolidating assets for further monetization, unlocking values from current unutilized assets and thereby bring the highest possible return on investment.

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