A three-year plan to revive Ethiopia’s economy was disclosed by the Ministry of Planning and Development in April 2022, as Fana Broadcasting Corporate reported. The country’s economy- which had been challenged by local and global factors such as the northern conflict, COVID-19 pandemic and global issues including the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War- make a recovery indispensable, the Planning and Development Minister Fitsum Assefa (PhD) relayed to FBC.

The Minister further communicated that the plan took into account national and global current events, and it will be implemented in the upcoming Ethiopian budget year (2015 E.C). The recovery plan seeks to ensure citizens’ economic well-being by fostering high-quality economic growth. To that extent, a secretariat office has been formed under the Ministry of Finance to lead reconstruction activities in order to revitalize the war-torn economy, and it is expected to bring about evident transformation.


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