Kulu Network, a media and telecommunication business, is launching Ethiopia’s first play-to-earn gaming service, ELFF Games, in collaboration with Ethio Telecom. Starting tomorrow, players can enjoy various mobile games such as trivia, tournaments, battles, and open challenge games while getting the chance to collect coins and gain points that can be converted into real-life mobile prepaid cards, internet packages, and so on.

As it is a subscription-based service, ELFF games will require a payment of Br2/day, which will be taken from users’ mobile airtime. Feel free to try it out as the first three days of subscription will not cost you a dime. The Leaderboard in the Activity section will allow competitors to see their ranking in terms of the number of coins and victories they get, and will notify them when they win prizes.

ELFF Games is not a downloadable app; instead, it is a progressive web app, which is a website that has an app-like interface, push notifications, self update, is safe to use, and easy to install. To subscribe to the games, users can visit (https://eeca.onmohub.com/caeth/home) on their mobile devices and follow the instructions there or subscribe by sending OK to 9672. The process to unsubscribe, if you wish to, is also available through the same platforms. Moreover, keep in mind that only users of Ethio Telecom services can participate here.

Future prospects of Kulu include the integration of Ethiopian-made games into ELFF Games (which is originally a product of OnMobile, an Indian telecommunications company), the potential launch of a music streaming service in collaboration with Ethio Telecom, and the establishment of an incubator program for Ethiopian programmers and game developers.


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