According to Melaku Alebel, Ethiopia’s Industry Minister, as quoted by FBC, despite recent promising growth in the manufacturing sector, the sector is struggling due to a lack of adequate supply, infrastructure challenges, a lack of trained manpower, and financial constraints.

On Sunday, Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) reported that Ethiopia’s manufacturing industry sector has generated 390 million dollars in export revenue over the last nine months, achieving 87 percent of initial targets.

Ethiopia’s industry minister emphasized that efforts are being made to find long-term solutions to the problems that have arisen and to reopen the affected industries.

Minister Melaku also stated that the government has designated the manufacturing industry sector as a key national development area, with various incentives designed to attract new foreign direct investment while also supporting existing manufacturing industries.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration announced earlier this month that the country earned 2.52 billion dollars in exports over the previous eight months, reads Xinhua.

Source: FBC and Xinhua


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