Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (20 March 2023)

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology, in collaboration with the European Union, conducted the launch event for the five-year strategy implementation and enterprise architecture research project of the national e-government on March 16, 2023.

The project’s objectives include leveraging information and communication technology to drastically alter or digitally transform government services and guaranteeing citizen happiness by making government operations and decision-making transparent and democratic. The initiative identifies the strategic activities that should be carried out in the sector in Ethiopia over the next five years and establishes implementation principles and directions based on current international technology standards and practices.

The project’s e-Government strategy allows for the creation of an enterprise architecture in which government services, applications, and data throughout the country may communicate with one another, reducing duplication of effort.

In the past, the ministry has implemented district network development, e-services, national network master plan execution, government data center expansion, creation of government institution portals, and other projects and services in the works.

It is expected that the strategy would allow for the construction of an updated e-government service delivery strategy by combining lessons learned from previously implemented projects and filling gaps.

Source: MinT


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