Pharmaceutical manufacturing is one of the fastest growing industries in Ethiopia with an annual growth rate of 15%. Currently, the market is estimated to be around one billion USD, of which more than 80% is met by imported products that are mainly procured by the Government based on EIC data.

Ethiopia is one of the first African countries to have developed a strategy for the industry.

According to Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC), Ethiopia’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing offer numerous favorable conditions for investors. Some of these are.

  • An industrial park fully specialized in pharmaceutical products manufacturing and well-equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • It is a priority sector for the government.
  • High and growing domestic and regional markets. The African pharma market is valued to be more than 20 billion USD.
  • High diseases burden and expansion of health coverages
  • Attractive investment incentives such as corporate income tax exemptions up to 14 years depending on product type and export performance.
  • Long-term Government procurement guarantee, 25% price preference and 30% advance payment to government suppliers.
  • Trainable workforce with more than 10 pharmacy schools.
  • Competitive infrastructure including Ethiopian Airlines and a railway connecting Kilinto Industrial Park to Djibouti port.

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