In the last five months of the Ethiopian fiscal year, the Ethiopian diaspora sends over 1.6 billion USD remittances said the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency.

The agency disclosed its plan to collect an additional four billion US dollars in remittances in the remaining months of the fiscal year.  

ENA news agency reported, Ethiopians living abroad have contributed over 400 million Birr to displaced Ethiopians through Eyezon platform, over 103 million Birr to the National Defense Force in cash and in kind, and 3.5 million Birr for image building.

During the last five months, 399 members of the diaspora with a total capital of 22.4 billion Birr have expressed interest in investing in the country.

The Ethiopian Diasporas had contributed over 29 billion Birr to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s “Dine for Nation” project, which was launched two years ago.

Source: ENA News Agency


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