After a revision was approved by the Ethiopian Council of Ministers in March, a new regulation has been recently issued regarding the fees to be paid for provisions of the Immigration and Citizenship Service.

There is a noticeable hike in all of the revised prices, with only a few categories remaining free of charge (Diplomatic, Civil Service, and Refugee).

A regular Ethiopian resident now has to pay a staggering Br.2000 to get an ordinary passport of 32 pages (64 pages amount to Br.4000), while a non-resident counterpart will be subject to an even higher fee of between $150-$250. Only previously, the cost was substantially lower at Br.600 for residents, the change then represents a 233% increase.

Similarly, updated details about visa fee for nationals, foreigners, residents, and non-residents are outlined along with various services regarding identification cards (residence permit and Ethiopian origin IDs).

One novel provision is the operationalization of investment visa whereby a 5-year multiple entry investment visa will be issued for owners or shareholders of investments in Ethiopia, whilst a 3-year multiple entry visa will be issued for general managers, board managers, or top executives of foreign-owned enterprises. The first has a price tag of $1000, while the latter has $750.

Source: Federal Negarit Gazette


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