Ethiopia is preparing to launch its third satellite into space, named ETRSS-2, which will be an earth observation satellite with a higher image resolution than its previous two satellites, ETRSS-1 and ET-Smart-RSS. The design and technical work of the satellite will be conducted by both Ethiopian and foreign professionals.

The Ethiopian Space Science & Technology Institute is also overseeing two other major projects: the launch of a communication satellite and the establishment of a satellite manufacturing and assembly plant. Towards achieving the latter, the Ethiopian government signed an agreement with the French company ArianeGroup to build a satellite manufacturing, assembly, integration, and testing (MAIT) facility in Addis Ababa.

The previously launched earth observation satellites have been monitoring the environment and weather patterns for better agricultural planning, drought early warning, mining activities, and forestry management. The third satellite is intended to have a resolution between 1-2 meters, which is higher than its predecessors. The Ethiopian Space Science & Technology Institute hopes to be able to conduct satellite operations independently after the completion of the third satellite.

To date, 14 African nations have launched 52 satellites, with Ethiopia and Kenya leading the East African region with two satellites each.

Source: Addis Zeybe





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