Dagmawit Moges, Ethiopia’s Minister of Transport and Logistics, advised newly appointed Ethiopian ambassadors to encourage foreign businesses to invest in Ethiopia’s transportation and logistics sector.

According to her, the Ministry of Transportation and Logistics identified 44 projects in which private investors, including foreigners, would be interested in participating.

She stated that the ministry did a feasibility study on some of these projects with the goal of allowing private investors to participate in the sector.

Foreign direct investment, joint ventures with local enterprises, and public-private partnerships modalities are now allowed in a number of industries in the transportation and logistics sectors for foreign investors.

Areas that are available for joint investment by domestic and foreign companies include freight forwarding and shipping, domestic air transportation, cross-country public transportation, and urban mass transportation.

For public-private partnerships and foreign direct investments, railway, cable car, cold-chain, and heavy freight transit services are now open for investors. Other areas targeted for foreign investment include port-to-port, dry port, silos development, railway and road infrastructure, pipelines, and aviation services.

Source: FBC


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