This weekend, Facebook was again under fire for allegedly allowing activists to encourage ethnic massacres in Ethiopia’s worsening civil war. According to a report by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) and the Observer, Facebook continues to allow users to upload content that incites violence through spreading hate and disinformation. Despite knowing that it contributes to the direct escalation of tensions, the social media behemoth has been accused of silence and indifference.

The allegations come as scrutiny of Facebook’s content filtering policies grows, after the company was previously accused of aiding the ethnic persecution of Myanmar’s Rohingya people. It also comes as Facebook contemplates initiating an independent investigation into its operations in Ethiopia, following a request from its oversight board to look into how the site was being used to propagate hate speech.

Meta, however, rejected the claims, saying it had “invested in safety and security measures” to tackle hate and inflammatory language along with “aggressive steps to stop the spread of misinformation” in Ethiopia.


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