Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (05 Jun 2022)-The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) says it is working to provide agricultural inputs to 620,000 households in conflict-affected areas of northern Ethiopia.

Chimimba David Phiri, FAO Representative to the African Union for Eastern Africa, told ENA that FAO aims to provide 620,000 households in northern Ethiopia with not only inputs but also agricultural production, particularly crop production, as well as livestock services such as disease treatment and vaccinations, as well as the rehabilitation of agriculture-related infrastructure by 2022.

According to Phiri, of the 620,000 households over 268,000 are in Tigray, 186 thousand in Afar, and 150,000 in Amhara. As a result, we’re focusing on these specific households to give agricultural inputs like seeds, training, and extension.”

FAO has reached roughly 230,000 homes in Tigray alone with 400 metric tons of seeds, according to the representative. “We’re also assisting Tigray in multiplying 25 metric tons of seed.” We have delivered approximately 100 metric tons of seed in Amhara and 4 metric tons of seed in Afar.”

The representative further added, In terms of animal disease treatment, FAO has vaccinated 3.5 million animals in collaboration with the Tigray Regional Bureau of Agriculture. It has also offered animal health treatments to 230,000 livestock in Afar.

Source: FAO Working to Benefit 620,000 Households with Agricultural Inputs in Northern Ethiopia | Ethiopian News Agency (


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