Retail fuel prices in Ethiopia have skyrocketed, according to an announcement made by the country’s Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration (MoTRI). Effective as of midnight September 28:

  • Gasoline price rises to Br57.05 per liter from its previous mark at Br 47.83, registering a 19% increase in less than three months
  • White diesel (Nafta) and Kerosene both reach Br 59.9 per liter, up from Br 49.02 in July this year and undergoing a 22% surge since then
  • Other fuel products such as jet fuel, light black diesel, and heavy black diesel will not face any fuel adjustments.

On the other hand, no price increase was added to the fuel used by the public transport vehicles that were selected to benefit low-income citizens under the targeted subsidy system.

Not only will these vehicles continue to operate by purchasing gasoline at Br 41.26 per liter and diesel at Br 40.86 but are also set to receive doubled subsidies from the government and suffer no cost increase until the next price modification takes place.

When compared to neighboring countries such as Kenya and Tanzania, Ethiopia had by far the lowest fuel cost. On September 26, 2022, the first two priced gasoline at $1.260 and $1.309 per liter, respectively, whilst the latter valued it at $0.929.

However, following today’s price hike, Ethiopia is much closer to the price ranges of the two countries, with gasoline priced at $1.085 and white diesel at $1.138.


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