Carry1st, Africa’s leading mobile games publisher, has acquired Gebeta, a product of Ethiopia-based developer, Qene Games.

Gebeta is a unique mobile board game based on the principles of Mancala, with added engaging features that set it apart from other games. It quickly gained high engagement after its release in 2019 and won the 2020 Apps Africa Best App of the Year award.

The acquisition opens new doors for Qene Games to reach a larger audience and expand its reach. The company will continue to work with Carry1st on the development of Gebeta, but in a limited capacity, and will handle its publishing in Ethiopia. Carry1st plans to increase resources dedicated to developing Gebeta and prepare it for a global launch. The company sees Gebeta becoming a recognizable Mancala title in the market.

Qene Games is now focused on using its recently launched platform, Kinet, to help other African game creators monetize their games and expand its library. Additionally, Qene Games is looking to establish larger partnerships with African technology providers to expand its role in the gaming industry.





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