At the 14th regular meeting of the National Council for Public Participation in the Construction of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), an additional 60 billion birr was disclosed as necessary for the full completion of the GERD.

Engineer Khile Horo, the project’s general manager, who presented the project’s implementation, reportedly stated that the total implementation of the GERD has reached 88%.

For its absolute completion, however, Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporate (EBC) reported his statement of requiring ETB60 billion more funds. Up to July of 2014 E.C alone, ETB172 billion was spent for various reasons, exceeding the planned budget by over a hundred billion birr.

The Deputy General Director of the GERD Construction Coordination Project Office stated that 1.2 billion birr was collected from the community through various fundraising activities in the same year.

Having begun construction in 2011, the GERD has undertaken its third filing and began generation from its second unit in 2022. The citizens of Ethiopia, for the most part, have been the primary financiers of this project.


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