Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (25 May 2023)

The Gillgel Gibe 1 hydropower station, operated by Ethiopian Electric Power, has generated 701.6 gigawatt-hours of electricity during the nine months of the fiscal year, according to recent reports.

This significant milestone indicates that the generating station has accomplished 90.3% of its planned target, producing 701.6 gigawatt-hours of electricity out of the intended 776.8 gigawatt-hours within the nine-month period. Furthermore, this year’s electricity generation surpasses that of the same period last year by 40 gigawatts or 2.8%.

The Gibe 1 hydropower station, which began operations in 1996 E.C., was the first facility of its kind to generate 184 megawatts of electricity.

Source: TIKVAH


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