Telegram Premium is finally here. By subscribing to Telegram Premium, users unlock doubled limits, 4 GB file uploads, faster downloads, exclusive stickers and reactions, improved chat management – and a whole lot more. With over 700 million monthly active users, Telegram‘s new subscription service lets users unlock exclusive additional features on the chat app.

At the same time, all existing features that users have come to expect and rely on for nearly a decade remain free. Moreover, non-premium users will be able to enjoy some of Premium’s benefits: for example, download the extra-large documents and view stickers sent by premium users, as well as tap to increase counters on premium reactions that were already added to a message.

You’ll need to update your Telegram app to get the new Telegram Premium membership. We were able to locate the app’s latest version 8.8 in the iOS App Store. Telegram Premium, a new subscription option, is available. However, it appears that the update has yet to reach Android users. Because the Telegram client on the Play Store is still locked at version 8.7.4, Android users may have to wait a little longer to upgrade to Telegram Premium.

According to various sources, Telegram Premium will cost between $5 and $6 per month. The firm didn’t mention these fees in its official blog post.

Telegram Premium Features

4 GB Uploads

Any user can upload huge files and media up to 2 GB in size and receive free limitless storage in the Telegram Cloud. Telegram Premium users may now send 4 GB files, which is enough space for 4 hours of 1080p video or 18 days of high-quality audio.

Faster Downloads

Premium subscribers are able to download media and files at the fastest possible speed. You can access everything in your unlimited cloud storage as fast as your network can keep up.

Doubled Limits

Premium users get increased limits for almost everything in the app. With Premium, you can follow up to 1000 channels, create up to 20 chat folders with up to 200 chats each, add a fourth account to any Telegram app, pin 10 chats in the main list and save up to 10 favorite stickers.


Voice messages can be converted to text for those times you don’t want to listen, but want to see what it says. You can rate transcriptions to help improve them.

Unique Stickers

Dozens of stickers now have impressive full-screen animations, which Premium users can send in any chat to add extra emotion and expressive effects that are visible for all users. This premium sticker collection will be updated monthly by Telegram artists.

Premium Badges

All premium users get a Premium special badge that appears next to their name in the chat list, chat headers, and member lists in groups – showing that they help support Telegram and are part of the club that receives exclusive features first.

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