The war impact is already lurking outside fighting countries as the developed world unlearns civility and sinks to the brink of a third world war. Ethiopia is no exception, with a significant impact on foreign trade projected.

According to The Reporter Newspaper article, here are a few ways how it could affect Ethiopia’s economy:

  • Russia is the second-largest oil producer, next to Saudi Arabia and the surge in oil prices is devastating for Ethiopia (and globally).
  • Ukraine and Russia command the international wheat market, constituting 30 percent of the supply share.
  • The wheat supply issue will not only affect government wheat purchase but also humanitarian crisis as many NGOs buy wheat to address the crisis in Ethiopia.
  • Germany might downsize its coffee import from Ethiopia – it buys 40% of Ethiopia’s coffee, and after processing it, exports the coffee to other markets including Russia.
  • Capital goods and especially metal products are imported from Ukraine and Russia.
  • Ukraine is the second source of Ethiopia’s import from Europe (12.8%) in 2020/21, Russia constitutes 3.8% of the total import.

Explosions were reported in Ukraine’s second-largest city and near Kyiv as peace talks between Russia and Ukraine ended without a breakthrough on Monday.

The US said Monday morning that all American corporations would be barred from working with Russia’s key banks, and that the assets of a Putin associate would be frozen. Switzerland, in a historic breach from its neutrality, stated that it would sanction Russia as well.

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