Ideas That Solve Problems: Ethiopian’s Innovation – Series #4
  • Company Name: Icon Africa
  • Founder and CEO: Ezedin kamil

Icon Africa is a technology-based company working on three different categories.

  1. producing and selling innovative problem-solving technologies
  2. project finishing and solving companies’ problems with innovation
  3. incubating and supporting local young innovators for free.

Based in Ethiopia, Icon Africa set a bold vision to change the narratives of Africa by solving local problems with local resources and creating jobs for millions of Africans.

One of Ezedin kamil innovation that displayed on British Council’s 2021 youth climate innovation challenge called Destination Zero was a solar and electric three wheelers.

Ezedin’s idea is to produce solar and electric three wheelers, which use either a solar or an electric charging system. He points out that Ethiopia has more than 88,015 three wheelers, which currently run-on fuel and produce carbon emissions.

His solar and electric three wheelers can carry 500kg and reach speeds of 60km per hour. He plans to build his three wheelers in Ethiopia starting at a small scale, both to fight climate change and to save his customers money spent on fuel.

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