The Ethiopian Ministry of Industry recently announced on Facebook that it had identified 446 manufacturing industries in Ethiopia that had ceased production during the “Ethiopia Tamerit”, roughly translated as “Let Ethiopia produce” campaign.

“The Ministry has recognized the shortage of financing, infrastructure, lack of coordinated government support, and lack of competent labor as among the primary issues the manufacturing industry is now facing,” says Ethiopian Industry Minister Melaku Alebel.

As a result of these issues, Ethiopia’s manufacturing industries are currently operating at half capacity, according to the Minister. And, according to him, the goal of the ‘Let Ethiopia Produce’ campaign is to increase the manufacturing capacity of these manufacturing sectors, as well as to identify manufacturing industry difficulties, reactivate manufacturing businesses that have ceased production, and attract new investments.

The campaign, which has already identified 446 manufacturing companies in the country that have ceased production, aims to bring them back to life and attract new investments through forums, exhibitions, and recognition of exemplary manufacturing industries, as well as other related programs.

Source: Ministry of Industries, Addis Standard, New Business Ethiopia


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