The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, GERD will officially start power production on Sunday February 20 after successfully completing its trial period of two power turbines.

The construction and storage of the dam will continue in the coming years, and negotiations with the riparian countries are expected to take on a new dimension. The dam in its pre power generation is expected to generate 700 MW. As Dr. Sileshi Bekele, Chief Negotiator and Advisor on Trans Boundary Rivers and GERD at the office of the Prime Minister said, the overall construction progress of the dam has now reached 82%.

As officials from the Ministry of Water and Energy explained that when the dam starts the first production of power it will cover 20% of the nation’s demand. Financed by local sources, the GERD will be capable of producing as much as 5,250 MW of electricity, ranking it as one of the world’s largest dams and by far Africa’s largest dam by electricity production.


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