The operation of land-related issues is now available in every sub-city starting Jan 21, 2022. The list of services for which the temporary ban has been lifted are as follows:

1. Enrollment liability only for legal holdings

2. Court and bank suspension registration and cancellation service; Debt settlement service

3. Property transfer business • Sold by bank auction • Sold by court enforcement • Condominium House Name Transfer Service • Inherited property • sales Made by Real Estates Developers

4.Rent and rent tax rate for existing properties

5. Assessment of assets

6. Provide evidence in a court order in a land claim dispute

7. Boundary-related issues

8. Compensation, replacement housing, replacement placement services

9. Space preparation

10. Border enforcement tasks

11. Construction supervision at a leased site

12. Land transfer by bid or classification

13. New blueprint services: Replacement of Condominium Homes, Managed Condominiums, Real Estates buyers


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