Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (May 2022) – According to the Cardano feed, the Input Output Global (IOG) team is planning to implement a blockchain initiative with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education. In order to improve the country’s educational sector, the Ethiopian Education Ministry will be able to track students’ progress in the country using the blockchain-based system.

Cardano’s Atala PRISM serves as the foundation for the system. The Ethiopian government will use this initiative to monitor the educational performance of schools throughout the country, foster interest in education, and track students’ grades.

John O’Connor, the IOG’s director of African operations, stated Since last month, the IOG has been teaching students and teachers how to use the system as the program nears completion. And, once fully operational, the system will onboard between one and two million people in the first few months, according to the terms of the IOG’s agreement with the Ethiopian government.

In April 2021, the IOG announced a collaboration with the Ethiopian government on a blockchain-based educational system.


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