Kenya and Ethiopia have established a new deal to speed up the acquisition of hydro-processed, low-cost power from Addis Ababa.

After an Ethiopian delegation led by Ethiopia’s State Minister of Finance Eyob Tekalign visited Nairobi from February 2-4, 2022, a fresh agreement was achieved.

The two countries discussed previously signed Power Trade Agreements, finalization and operationalization rules and procedures, as well as agreements on power system interconnection, taking into account each side’s progress.

The new arrangement reached in Nairobi aims to “realize the aspirations of both countries’ respective people for regional economic integration and sustainable development,” according to an Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement seen by The EastAfrican.

Mr. Eyob said the close ties between Kenya and Ethiopia would assist boost economic growth at a February 4 meeting with Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Dr. Monica Juma.

He stated that the two countries are nearing completion of the interconnector and that they need to examine the project’s status.

“It was imperative that Ethiopia and Kenya do everything humanly possible to realize both countries’ hopes and objectives of connecting the entire region,” he said.

“The value of interconnection of our electricity systems is vital to powering our aim for quick growth,” the Cabinet Secretary remarked during the meeting.

During the discussions, both ministers emphasized that the interconnection project’s benefits will extend beyond Ethiopia and Kenya by providing a path and paradigm for sister countries across the continent.

According to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the meeting ended with both parties reaffirming their commitment to the project.

(The EastAfrican)


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