Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (27 May 2022) – According to the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration, the spread of illegal operations in the Khat export sector is a blight that is causing Ethiopia to lose foreign exchange revenues. It went on to say that Ethiopia’s resources were being redirected to neighboring countries, causing Ethiopia significant economic harm.

According to the Ministry, a review led to the revocation of 830 business licenses for Khat exporters. Traders who were exporting the product without renewing their business licenses were fined.

The business licenses of 14 Khat exporters were revoked because they were exporting the product without renewing their permits, and the licenses of forty exporters were temporarily suspended because they were misusing their licenses by distributing them to third parties.

The Ministry also announced that it has completed the construction of a quick one-window registration service for export licenses as part of its efforts to fix the problem from the bottom up. Khat exporters were asked to register their export papers, including trading contracts, with the Ministry and have its legality confirmed before obtaining export approval from banks.


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