Mayor Adanech Abebe has officially launched a new project aimed at replicating the grandeur of the Cross Square, the only prominent public square in the capital city of Ethiopia.

With a budget of 1.3 billion birr, the project, located in Lemi Kura sub-city, purports to provide much-needed services and related facilities to the area, including parking, entertainment areas, gymnasiums, conference halls, and public meeting places.

The location of the project, which has been chosen due to the construction of the New Africa International Convention Center in the area, is intended to address the notion that only those in the city center have access to beautiful public spaces, as stated by Mayor Adanech.

 The project, spanning 14,400 square meters, is designed to include amenities such as parking, entertainment areas, gymnasiums, conference halls, public meeting places, sports venues, parks for weddings, supermarkets, office service areas, book reading areas, and more.

According to information received from the Addis Ababa city administration, the project will create job opportunities for up to 1,100 citizens during the construction period, with permanent employment for 400 citizens. Mayor Adanech has stated that the work should take 18 months, but will be completed in 10 months by working day and night without rest.





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