ID4Africa brings you a sensational lineup of exceptional experts covering topics that remain at the heart of Africa’s identity development agenda with a Live Cast to the scene about Ethiopia’s National Identity Program.

Ethiopia is in the process of launching an ambitious project that will enroll and issue digital identity credentials for their entire population by 2025, and which is expected to become the foundation for all service delivery in due time–both public and private (especially Fintech).

The program is aiming to be “sovereign from the start” by building local capacity, and by basing the national identity platform, primarily on Open Source.

In this exciting segment, Dr. Atick engages with the Executive Director of the project, Yodahe Zemichael, and four other representatives from the identity stakeholders in Ethiopia, to learn about how to implement a strong and inclusive identity ecosystem and the way forward with developing a digital economy and digital infrastructure around the National ID.

Today, Sept. 28 @ 14:30CEST/ 12:30GMT



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