Miriam was born in Ethiopia to Eritrean parents and raised in Frankfurt, Germany, yet she never forgot her African roots. Travel had always been a part of Miriam’s family’s existence, and it served as a portal to knowledge.

Miriam was moved by her discoveries and wanted to share the history of Black Germany with others. She came to Berlin to study and graduated with a master’s degree in sustainable tourism in June 2021.

Miriam established Zewdi, which means “queen” in Tigrinya. She named the business after her paternal grandmother, a proud, beautiful Black woman who loved her culture and remained true to her background.

People of all races are learning about Germany’s Black history and culture thanks to the efforts of Zewdi, its allies, and other organizations. Miriam has carved herself a place at the table of the travel and leisure sector to fill a need and provide a vital and much-needed learning opportunity.

Miriam hopes to build virtual and physical travel experiences that cut across intersections to reach a wide audience not only in Germany, but globally in the future.


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