BGI Ethiopia has announced the renovation and reopening of the Meta Abo Brewery at a cost of over half a billion Ethiopian birr. The relaunch ceremony was held in the presence of various guests, including the CEO of the company, at the factory premises located in Sebeta city.

The CEO of BG Ethiopia, Herve Milhade, announced that the company has worked tirelessly for the last six months to increase the factory’s capacity, renovate its name, and carry out other maintenance works. The Ministry of Trade and Regional Connections has given approval for the merger in January 2023, following an evaluation of the work done.

Herve Milhade, CEO of BGI Ethiopia, at the ceremony of relaunching Meta Brewer
Source: Capital Ethiopia (Anteneh Aklilu)

BGI Ethiopia has invested in the purchase of modern production equipment, including a generator with a capacity of three megawatts, to make Meta Abo the largest brewery in the company. The brewery now has a production capacity of 300,000 hectoliters per month.

The entire management of Meta Abo is run by Ethiopians, and the renovation has created job opportunities for more than 1,500 citizens in the Sebeta area. The brewery’s reopening will provide additional employment opportunities and contribute to the growth of the local economy.

It is worth noting that Meta Brewery was previously under the British Diageo company. BGI Ethiopia, which is under the Castle Group, purchased the factory and has since invested heavily in renovating and upgrading the brewery.

Source: TIKVAH


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