MOHA (Mohammed Hussein Al-amoudi) Soft Drink Industry S.C stops its production of soft drinks.

According to Capital Newspaper, the ongoing issues stem from the current scarcity of foreign currency as well as the firm’s lack of such raw supplies. As a result, 7 UP, MIRINDA, and PEPSI beverage production has been halted.

Furthermore, the report stated that the company has been working three days per week for a few months due to a shortage of raw materials. The soft drink company has been forced to halt operations for the past two weeks as a result of the forex shortage. Employees have also been ordered to take unpaid cumulative leave until the situation is resolved.

MOHA, a member of MIDROC Ethiopia (Mohammad International Development Research Organization Companies), is known for beverages such as 7UP, MIRINDA, PEPSI, Tossa Minch natural water, and Kool Carbonated Natural Mineral Water. The company was founded on May 15, 1996, after it was purchased from the Ethiopian Privatization Agency.


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