The Ethiopian government called 1 million Ethiopians to come home for Ethiopian Christmas and support the Economy, show the world that Ethiopia is still a stable country and change western medias negative portrayal of Ethiopia.

You can get all information about The Great Ethiopian Homecoming including emergency medical supplies donation, events, flight tickets, hotels, car rentals and tours via the following link

Ethiopian Airlines, Ethio telecom, Hotels, Banks, Car Rentals, Tour Operators, and many other service providers are offering about 30% to 50% discount for Homecoming guests. To access discounted services, visit service providers respective shops on arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

The following Emergency Medical Supplies are requested by the Ethiopian Ministry of Health: Painkillers (Tylenol), Minor Surgical Sets, Gloves Braces & Splints, Surgical Gowns, Bullet Pullers, Wound Care Cream, Wound Wash, Ambu Bags, Elastic Bandages, N7 Gauze Bandages, Stretchers (foldable), Walkers (foldable), Urine Bags, Crutches (foldable), Surgical Masks, Adult Diapers, Band-Aids, Pulse Oximetry, Face Shields, Stethoscopes, Blood Pressure, Cuff and related medical supplies.

Get Exhaustive List of Emergency Medical Supplies, Instruments, Equipments and Medications via the link


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