In a joint press release, the Ministry of Trade and Regional Cooperation and the Cement Manufacturers Board announced the new selling prices of cement in Ethiopia. The new prices will take effect next week and will be distributed in the capital city of Addis Ababa.

According to the release, the selling price per quintal for Dangote Cement will be 1106.85 birr, Derba Cement will be sold at 1067.33 birr, and Capital Cement will be priced at 1052.25 birr. Kuyu Cement will also see a reduction in price, with a selling price of 1065.25 birr per quintal.

Overall, all cement products will be sold below 1200 birr per quintal. The Ministry and Cement Manufacturers Board have also stated that the selling prices for the rest of the regions and zones will be announced at a later date.





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