Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (19 April 2023)

Ethiopian Postal Service (Ethiopost) has announced the launch of its new domain name,, which aims to establish a unique brand for the post and position it as a reliable and trustworthy supplier of digital postal services. The website will allow users to track shipments, calculate exact prices, locate branches, explore a stamp gallery, and purchase selected items from Ethiopost’s online store.

 As a new member of the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) .POST Group, Ethiopost’s Chief Information Officer believes that this move will help the post stand out in the market and attract more customers, as well as establish itself as a leading provider of accessible and secure digital and e-commerce services.

The UPU’s .POST project team engaged with Ethiopost during the recent 17th United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Addis Ababa, where the post’s CEO, Hanna Arayaselassie, spoke about Ethiopost’s involvement in the implementation of the Digital Ethiopia 2025 National Strategy. The CEO also highlighted the relevance of the postal sector’s expertise in logistics and accessible services as Africa enters the digital age.

The UPU has launched a public consultation to gather views from postal sector stakeholders on how the post can contribute to an open and secure digital future for all. The consultation will form the basis of the sector’s contribution to the Global Digital Compact, to be adopted during the 2024 Summit of the Future.

As per its social media posts, the UPU hopes to work closely with Ethiopost on its digital transformation objectives and include Ethiopost among the foundational members of its forthcoming .POST Digital Centre of Excellence.

Source: Universal Postal Union


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