The 2021 Labour Force and Migration Survey is one of the statistical surveys conducted to provide information regarding the main characteristics of the workforce and the level of employment, unemployment along with migration statistics.

Based on Ethiopian Statistics survey result in December 2021, 90% of the total population aged 10 and up have no ability to operate a computer among the survey participants, whereas 10% can,

On a nationwide level, around 93% of women and 86% of men lack the basic skills to use a computer, says the report. Moreover, the proportion of people who can use a computer is higher in urban areas (29.7%), compared to (4%) in rural areas. Males use computers more than females in both areas.

On a national basis, the majority of people (83%) do not have access to the internet. Males were more likely than females to be unable to utilize the Internet (87% vs. 80%, respectively). At the time of the survey, around 64% of the people in the country used a cell phone. The statistical Bulletin reveled, males outnumbered females in the use of cell phones, with 84% in urban regions and 58% in rural areas. More women than men did not use cell phones in all types of houses.

Source: The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ethiopia Statistics Service, Statistical Report on the 2021 Labour Force and Migration Survey, December 2021

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